2 Reasons Why The Fix Your Bike Voucher Scheme Website Fails Users

As part of the UK Governments plans to get the nation fit and fight obesity, they announced that everyone would be entitled to a £50 voucher they could use to get their bikes fixed.

Ministers were dispatched to do interviews and press releases issued.

The only challenge is was that no bike shops had signed up for yet.

Users coming to Fix Your Bike Voucher Scheme site today (29th July) were greeted with this screen.

Fix Your bike scheme

Articles on sites such as the BBC then reported on the site failings

It’s pretty clear that the people in charge of this project has no fall back plans for just this opportunity

The two things that the site fails to collect is

  1. The email address of the person so that they can be emailed when the scheme is ready
  2. The persons location so that they can be sent details of those bike repair shops who have signed up closest to them

Setting these up would take a component developer minutes to do and would have produced a list of customers for those bike shops

One of the best business books that I have read this year is Roger Dooleys Friction which looks at the roadblocks that you put in the way of your customers.

This is surely a classic example of this.