Google PPC Audits

With over 21 years experience of running successful, highly targeted campaigns, our PPC Audits can help you:-

  • Reduce the CPA and raise ROI
  • Improve conversion rates
  • Get more value for your ad spend

Official Google Partner, Swansea, UKWe’ve grown with Google. We’ve been there since the start, we’ve made the mistakes, and we’ve learned how things can go wrong or get overlooked. This is where you can benefit from our victories… and learnings.

Whether you have a budget of £1000 or £100,000 we’re confident we can make improvements.

Why get a PPC Audit?

Think of it as a health check.

We offer you a fresh pair of eyes – a new perspective on how your business goals are being achieved through Google Ads.

  • Is your Google Ads account as profitable as possible?
  • Do your ads engage with your target audience?
  • Is your data and reporting reliable?
  • Are you tracking conversion properly?
  • Are you wasting money by sticking with Google’s default settings?
  • Could you be missing out on new features?

Discover the unknown unknowns – You may be wasting budget in areas in you’re not even aware of. We’ll help you make every click count.

Getting value out of your PPC audit

We’ve performed PPC audits for both national companies and local SMEs, and every single time we have found areas for improvement.

Our PPC Audits provide you with strategic advice in where to spend your budget, reduce wasted spend, build on areas that are doing well and improve engagement with your audience.

With a PPC Audit, you will not only get a deep analysis of each aspect of your account – we will provide real solutions.

Remember – Google is not your friend. They love spending your money. Of course, they want a high-quality search experience for their users, but it’s not their priority to tell how to make it more cost-effective for you!

We will perform account audits with YOUR best interests at heart.

How does it work?

Access to Google Ads & GA is vital to our methodology.

With this data, we will compile a comprehensive report outlining areas for improvement in a format that makes most sense for you – in Word or Powerpoint..

We have a high level of technical expertise and we are certified Google Analytics Pros so we’re happy to speak directly with your developers or marketing staff to get solutions implemented.

Get started

Find out if you are wasting money or missing out on audience share with a PPC Audit – call us now on 0207 993 5482.