Keyword research

Ideally keyword research should be done at the planning and development stage.

However, we know this isn’t always possible, and things change – your website may have grown over time. You may need to get in touch with what your customers are looking for.

Why do you need to research keywords?

Google Adwords Keyword Research

The most obvious keywords are often the most expensive. With keyword research carried out effectively and intelligently, you can create an Adwords campaign that is cost-effective and good at converting visitors into customers.

Keywords for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

If your site is in the early stages, it’s helpful to know how to plan your content and page names around what words people actually use in search engines – to capture that long term SEO value.

If you have an existing site that you feel is under-performing, looking at the natural language of your visitors can tell you where you can make improvements. Perhaps, your meta tags are not optimised, or your product descriptions do not reflect what ordinary visitors come looking for. Whatever the reason, keyword research is essential in getting to know your audience.

Keyword research for your website

Using a range of tools and software, we can research what can be the most effective keywords that relate to your product or service. You can then use this data to inform your data architecture, content marketing or SEO – or of course, you can employ us  to do all that for you!

We look at your website, your competitor’s websites and a variety of tools and databases that can tell us

  • What people are actually typing in to Google – ie. what are people looking for?
  • What keywords you may use to capture the attention of these people who are looking for you – but have not yet found you

If you want people to come to you through Google and other search engines

  • You need to rank high enough for a decent chance of clickthrough
  • You need to optimise your site to be search engine friendly
  • Once you rank highly enough and are optimised, you need to make sure that your search results are appealing.

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