We are a Trusted Google Partner

Digital Nation (UK) Ltd. is proud to have trusted Google Partner status. 

Official Google Partner, Swansea, UKThe Google Partner badge shows that we have passed Google Ads product certification exams and are up-to-date with the latest product knowledge. In other words, we’ve earned it.


Certfied Google Ads Professional, Helen DaviesOur senior PPC consultant, Helen is a certified Google Ads Professional… “Google has recognised me as an AdWords certified professional, meaning that I’ve passed multiple assessments that assess my product expertise. I’m qualified to help you grow your business on the web using Google AdWords“.

As a Google Partner, we can help you in these Google Ads product areas:

  • Search – ads on search results triggered by keywords.
  • Shopping – ads triggered by search queries that match products in your Merchant Centre.
  • Display – reach new visitors by showing image based ads on over two million 3rd party websites
  • Remarketing – re-engage with previous visitors to your site by using customised ads.
  • Video – show videos ads, or ads within videos on YouTube.
  • Mobile – engage directly with mobile phones users, through text, images and video.

We also hold a Google Analytics Individual Qualification and can guide you through conversion tracking using Google Tag Manager.

Contact us now for a quote or call for an informal chat on 0207 993 5482 about ways you can improve your website performance through both paid and non-paid avenues.