Website Design & Development

We believe SEO and Usability should be baked into the website from the start.

A lot of time and money goes into creating a new or improved website. We can help you with many aspects or the whole project management of a site build, including advice on:

  • Wireframing
  • WordPress
  • Bespoke CMS
  • HTML audits
  • PHP

New Technologies and Responsive Design

If you have engaged your own developers then we can help you ask the right questions.

  • Will my site be easy to use on Smartphones?
  • Will pages load quickly?
  • Will I be able to track what visitors do on the site?
  • Will it be friendly to both search engines and users?

We can also advise on common elements and gadgets and widgets

  • Advice on APIs
  • Widgets, Carousels and Slideshows
  • Photo or Video Galleries
  • Creating or integrating a database
  • E-Commerce

Contact us now for a quote or find out more about the internet marketing services we provide. Or call for an informal chat on 0207 993 5482 about ways you can improve your website performance.