Google Analytics

Your visitor’s behaviour can reveal valuable business insights

We offer Google Analytics training, advice and comprehensive and insightful reporting.

  • Setting up
  • Advanced Conversion and Event tracking
  • Google Tag Manager
  • E-commerce tracking
  • Integrating Adwords
  • User Insight Reports
  • Training Workshops

Are visitors are engaged with your site content?

Once visitors arrive, your site should make it as easy as possible for them to find what they were looking for or do what they came to do.

You need to know that the traffic your site attracts is the right kind of visitor for you – we can’t rely on simple numbers or ‘hits’ to tell us how successful your site is. You need to ensure that your site is attracting quality traffic and converting your visitors into customers.

Among other things, we measure customer engagement by looking at average time on the site, how many and which pages are visited, and where people enter and leave.

We provide a number of analytics services that allow you to understand your visitor better:-

  • Installing Google Analytics – it’s free and simple to do. It just involves adding some javascript to the code on each of your web pages.
  • integrating with Google Adwords – If you have an Adwords account, we can help you optimise your campaign.
  • Profiling – we can set up bespoke profiles with Google analytics so that your unique goals are easy to track.
  • Log File Analysis – we can also help you interpret data exported from other analytics packages such as Hitbox.

Free Analytics Audit

We provide a free assessment for new clients that provides valuable insight into how your site is being used. There is no obligation, and we do not share information with any third parties.

If you want to understand your visitors and your website, call us on 020 7983 5482 or email us for a quote.