PPC Management

Ideally, you want to be running your ppc management in-house right? However, sometimes companies just don’t have the resources or expertise necessary to keep online ads optimised and cost-effective.

Official Google Partner, Swansea, UKAs an official Google Partner, we have the knowledge and expertise to look after your ad spend, maximise conversion for your business or organisation.

Outsource the daily housekeeping and reporting to us! Let us worry about keeping your CPA and ROI on track – together we can grow your business.

How does it work?

Easy – you buy some of our time every month to manage your Google Ad campaigns. We report on progress on a weekly or monthly basis, keeping in close contact with your marketing team.

Unlike other agencies we don’t collect commission on sales. We work on a purely retainer business.

There is no minimum term contract, but we do require 30 days notice to cancel. Our incentive to do the best for your business comes from our confidence that you will want to continue working with us and build a long term relationship of consultative PPC support.

Get started

Call Digital Nation on 0207 993 5482 for a quote or send an email with your website link to info@digitalnation.co.uk.